"I have known Lexy now for four years and she is the kindest, most caring and considerate therapist I have ever met.

Lexy has a special ability to create a warm, safe, non-judgemental environment where I feel comfortable and encouraged to express my needs and goals and be met with support in reaching them.

Lexy is very passionate about her work with her clients. She is dedicated, hard working and committed to helping her clients reach their full potential.

She turns  her own personal experiences into strategic support and has made me feel for the first time in my life that I am understood , that my journey has validity and that I am not alone in my struggles and that together we can get through it.

If you’re wanting to find a therapist who you can truly connect to , be heard by , and who is committed to sticking by you when challenges arise , Lexy is the one for you"  ~ anonymous.  

" I approached Reece Nuttell when I was at the lowest point of my life. He was professional, compassionate and understanding. I felt instantly at ease  and could talk openly and honestly with him. From there he introduced me to Lexy Davis who has gone out of her way to help me. She is the most honest, caring person that I have the utmost trust to successfully lead me to my recovery. If it wasn't for these two wonderful people I am not sure where I would be today. As they have both "been there" they have a wealth of knowledge and understanding that not many psychologists can offer. I highly recommend Lexy and Reece and thank them for giving me faith and hope for a happy, fulfilling life in the near future" ~ anonymous

"Speaking with someone who truly understands what it is I was going through without judgement as they have been there themselves, instantly took away the complete isolation and insanity I was feeling after my first relapse. Lexy has an abundance of knowledge, tools and understanding that has kept me going and kept me clean for the past 4 months" ~ anonymous.

"In my early sixties I found myself faced with an identity crisis,  what was important to me as I headed toward my 70s and 80s.  I realized that I had positioned myself in a lifestyle of heavy drinking,  and the fear of how this would eventually affect my health. I have been extremely fortunate to find an addictions counsellor like Lexy, with a gift to encourage determination for wellness,  spirituality, empathy and kindness. Lexy champions the human rights of people with addiction to accept the addiction diagnosis without discrimination, or judgement" ~ anonymous.    

  "My experience with Reece has been nothing short of excellent. The support and direction he has given me over the past year has been invaluable to my recovery. And I doubt that I would be where I am today if I had never had the chance to work with him. Top bloke, solid counselor - 10/10" ~ anonymous.


“As Ronda Rousey once said: “FINDING A COACH IS LIKE FINDING A BOYFRIEND”. It is true when trying to find the right counsellor as well! Lexy is great! She has got it all: the knowledge, personal experience therefore an understanding! And relaxed genuine attitude! The sessions with Lexy are fun but also challenge you to address the areas that need to be worked on! With borderline personality disorder untangling tied knots is not an easy work so it’s great to know you have a person who’s always got your back!” ~ anonymous.

 "Several months ago, our World was turned upside down when we discovered that our Son was addicted to “P” and was on the “rampage”! Our family had no idea “why” ,“how” or “what” to do from this point and beyond, but luckily we found Reece. After a series of meetings with Reece, our family has been educated, guided and now have a set plan of how we are going to tackle this problem. In our moment of turmoil, Reece was the calming support we needed to see clarity and direction. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to Reece as we really don’t know what we would have done without him" ~ anonymous. 

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