Addiction Counselling

Addiction is an isolating illness which over time becomes debilitating and soul destroying, often driving a wedge between the ones we love and destroys the relationships we need the most. You will be listened to emphatically and supported in developing an understanding as to what is happening for you and encouraged to find the inner strength to gain control. We will provide you with a unique set of evidence based skills along with some secrets from our own personal experience which will assist you in your own journey to a life where the things that are currently holding you back no longer have control.

We have trained extensively, specializing in addiction counselling.  We use a combination of personal experience  alongside evidence based modalities which are considered the "GOLD STANDARD" in the treatment of addiction, to form a programme custom built around your individual needs.  

We provide intensive alcohol and drug treatment which includes: 

  • Comprehensive alcohol and drug assessments  
  • Individual addiction counselling including intensive counselling programmes 
  • Advice and support for partners, parents and loved ones 
  • Multidimensional family therapy  
  • Written reports for legal and/or professional purposes 
  • Ministry of Health assessments for the removal of indefinite disqualifications of driver licensing 
  • Sober Driver Programmes {NZ Land Transport focused} 
  • Alcohol and drug {AOD} facts and effects workshops to promote safe work environments. Q & A session for sharing information on AOD supports. 
  • Short intensive alcohol and drug psycho-educational programmes in the event of positive result to drug screen testing.    

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