Addiction Counselling

Addiction counselling Auckland - If you are currently struggling with addiction then you don't have to suffer any longer. If you are considering alcohol and drug rehab but can't put your life on hold to go to residential treatment then Anti-dose is the counselling service for you.

At Anti-dose we provide private, confidential and affordable addiction counselling to individuals wanting to make positive changes in their lives. We work in a collaborative and motivational way and use evidence based modalities which are considered the "GOLD STANDARD" in the treatment of addiction.  

As addiction counsellors in recovery we believe it's crucial to have a personal history with addiction when providing addiction counselling. At Anti-dose we recognise how important it is for our clients to feel truly understood when it comes to the reality and insanity of addiction. Our understanding of addiction enables us to walk alongside our clients with an empathetic and non-judgmental approach. We are passionate about helping others reclaim their lives and believe that anyone can find recovery and a life worth living when provided with the right kind of support

You don't have to have personal experience with addiction to be an addiction counsellor, but it certainly helps. "If you were desperate for help, would you want to turn to someone who has learned it all from the books?"                        

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